3. I have lost my password and cannot login. Please go to the Login Menu and select "Lost Password". Follow the instructions to complete a security test and receive your new password by email.

4. My internet connection dropped during a Wee Red Box flash card test. Do I have to spend credits again to retake the test? No, but there are restrictions. We have built the system in such away to accomodate for these types of events. The test will be available for 60 minutes from the time of purchase to retake. However you may see a different set of questions, but at the same level you selected. If after 60 seconds you still have not gotten back online, you will need to spend the credits aagain to take the test.

5. The answer sheets are greyed out and unclickable for each Practice Sheet. How Do I download the answer sheets? Each answersheet is only available to downlaod after you download its companion practice sheet. When the download for the practice sheet is complete, its answersheet will then be available for download.

6. Can I add accounts for my child? Yes! In your account managemnet, you can add up tp 5 sub accounts to be used for your children. No names or personal information will be stored other than the username you choose for each user. These users are limited users and cannot buy credits or create accounts themeselves.

7. What do I do if I find a wrong answer? If you find a wrong answer, please send an email to tom@mathsontrack.com including information on which Wee Red Box or Answer sheet you were using, and which question was wrong. Upon confirmation we will add 50 free credits to you account.

8. Why does it need 10 credits to access a Wee Red Box, that seems quite a lot, especially if my child wants to do a few of them? Let's compare costs to two hours of private tutoring which would be about £50. The same investment in the website would provide 834 credits which can be used as the need arises eg perhaps your child is in P6 and has come home to say they were unable to do fractions in class today, whereby you/they would be able to access a range of supports which specifically target fractions across the levels (including tracking back incase there's a lack of understanding at an earlier level). Assume you've already downloaded 10 videos and 20 practice sheets (which would use 10 x 15 and 20 x 3 credits = 210 credits) leaving a balance of 624 credits - this would still allow up to 62 hours of wee red box time at 10 credits / access over two years, again as the need arises. That seems good value?

9. How confident can I be that the resources in the website are compatible with Curriculum for Excellence? The CfE outcomes are more open-ended than their 5-14 level predecessors. The design criteria for the websites' resources has been to equate CfE level 1 with a quality 5-14 level B, CfE level 2 with a quality 5-14 level D (which not much more than 50% of P7's were achieving), CfE level 3 with a quality 5-14 level E+ (which please note, already has overlaps with standard grade General), and then the websites' expectations for level 4 goes beyond that. Given that CfE level 4 is being equated to standard grade general means that the websites' levels will be generally in advance of official requirements. Recent official advice also suggests that more able secondary pupils will be able to by-pass CfE level 4 and go straight onto Higher - the websites' level 3 performance, given it's sharp focus on numeracy, will already have these pupils mostly there.

10.I've looked through the official Curriculum for Excellence documentation and see no mention of 'starting the level', 'towards the level' or 'at the level', which are labels for nearly all the websites' resources (the CfE has phrases like 'consolidate'). Can you explain that? CfE levels 1 and 2 both span three years, which is a long time. The website has the unique facility of identifying and providing resources for key numeracy skills that are suitable for P2, P3 and P4 (for level 1) and P5, P6 and P7 (for level 2), to try to encourage as many as possible to stay 'on track' for a quality level. The phrases used in the website just seem sensible, and at the design stage, it was felt more important to have skills developments pulled out across the critical primary stages rather than descriptions that would pertain more to perhaps just P4 and P7. It's a facility to help ensure quality as we go.

11. The videos download but do not play in my player? Please note that the videos are compressed in a file format called ZIP. This is to ensure the file is not damaged when downloading and that the file does not contain any virus. You must extract the video from the zip file before playing. This article may help you understand and extract (or Unzip) a ZIP file. Or email support at Maths On Track.

12. What do I do if I want to return a product I purchased from the store? All returns must be accompanied by a packing slip and returned in the original packaging. There will be no cash refund for returned goods which are not faulty or damaged.

All items will be inspected upon return and must be in a saleable condition to be eligible for credit. A 20% restocking fee will be applied on all returns unless goods are faulty or, are the result of errors made by either Maths on Track for Wee Red Boxes or by Direct Educational Services Ltd for the 100+ boards or 100+ mini boards. Returns of this nature must have the carriage cost borne by the purchaser.

13. What do I do if a Wee Red Box I purchased from the online store section is damaged or there is a shortage of cards? Please ensure that all parcels are unpacked and checked carefully upon receipt. Any damage or shortage involving Wee Red Boxes must be notified to Maths on Track or, if involving 100+ boards or 100+ mini boards, to Direct Educational Services Ltd (whose contact details will accompany the boards) within 3 days of receipt of the goods. In the event of shortage, we will send the item or credit your account with prior approval from our Customer Services Department. For damages which are the result of product defect, we will arrange collection of the item, and will replace, or issue a credit note accordingly. For goods which appear damaged in transit, please request the carrier to record damages on the delivery note before accepting delivery. Goods arriving damaged must be reported to the carrier immediately. All original packing material and damaged items must be kept until they have been inspected and your claim settled.

if you're experiencing any difficulty accessing and using the website please contact admin@mathsontrack.com

If you have any queries or feedback about any of the maths content, including suggestions for more video clips, practice sheets or Wee Red Box flash cards, please contact tom@mathsontrack.com or call: 0141 332 2692

14. I bought credits but how come I do not see any updates to my total? During the payment process you will be taken to a PayPal screen which is where the credits are purchased, and once completed, a message should be sent back to the site to update the total credits in your account. However, if you've closed the PayPal window before it sends you back to the Maths On Track site then the credits will not be allocated to your total. If you believe this has happened to you, please email us immediately at admin@mathsontrack.com and please include your username in the email, whereby we can adjust your credits manually.